National Education Authority Choses WPG Consulting To Upgrade Their Network

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National Education Authority Choses WPG Consulting To Upgrade Their Network

Does your technology need to be updated or replaced? While you may be getting by with old or borrowed equipment, it won’t last forever. That’s why this education authority hired WPG Consulting.

If you’re reading this article, you’ve probably started to think your IT could do with an update. The fact is that many of us will continue to use obviously outdated technology long after it should have been replaced.

Whether it’s that old smartphone that won’t run newer operating systems or the computers you use at work, sticking with out of date technology will save you a bit of money because you don’t have to replace it. But at a certain point, you will need to look into upgrading.

That’s exactly why this education authority enlists expert assistance from WPG Consulting.

Why Did This Education Authority Need Our Help?

This client, a nationally-active education authority, was approaching the expiration of their vendor support for their network. They had multiple network closets spread across a large multi-story corporate HQ facility in Philadelphia, PA, and a large number of switches that would soon be unsupported. Continuing to use them would pose too great a risk to the organization.

It’s not uncommon to procrastinate on technology upgrades. The process can be expensive and complicated, but the fact is that there comes a point in the technology life cycle when failing to upgrade can present a number of serious concerns.

As important as cost control is, it is equally important for owners and managers to ensure they’re maintaining their competitive edge, using secure technology, and working as efficiently and effectively as possible. Without support, security updates, and bug patches, users open themselves up to a number of risks:

  • Malware infection
  • Out of date anti-virus
  • Expired online banking protections
  • Exposed private data

That’s why they hired WPG Consulting. After assessing the state of their network, we recommended developing an architectural guiding framework, which could serve as the de facto standard from which all other switches could be built to. This would simplify the management of their network, and add consistency to its design.

How Did We Help This Education Authority Upgrade Their Network?

Our team executed a thorough review and future requirements analysis for the organization’s remote sites. We determined that enough switches across these locations could be repurposed back at HQ, helping them limit purchases and save money.

The project allowed for the implementation of a standardized architecture, and provided the business with lower capital expenses needed for two further years. The procurement process, project planning, and implementation was very successful and completed on time.

Thanks to our detailed understanding of our client’s business, and the challenges they faced, we were able to design and deliver a cost-effective solution. In the end, we helped them save $150,000!

Why Is It Important To Upgrade Your IT?

If your old tech is running so poorly that it stops you and your staff from working, then it’s time to replace it. The downtime caused by old hardware isn’t worth the money you’re saving by hanging on to it. Remember, the main cost of downtime is not the fix itself, it’s the halt in your organization’s productivity.

The economy of downtime is unforgiving — it grinds your business to a halt, racks up expenses, and keeps you from getting anything done.

Additional costs include:

  • Expense Vs. Revenue: During downtime, you incur all the expenses of running a business without the revenue you would usually generate.
  • Loss of Focus: Even if downtime does not grind everything to a halt, some of your staff will have to divert themselves from their normal work to mitigate the problem, again reducing productivity.
  • Affected Service Delivery: Furthermore, while your systems are down, you can’t deliver services or sell products to current and potential new clients.
  • Cost Of Repair: However you approach fixing the problem, it’ll cost time and money.

WPG Will Help You Update Your IT — Just Like We Did For This Education Authority

With their newly upgraded network, this education authority now has a seamless and standardized IT environment. We will do the same for you — don’t struggle with outdated technology any longer.

Talk to the WPG Consulting team to start upgrading your systems today:

  1. Book a free consultation with our team at a time that works for you.
  2. Tell us what you need from your new IT systems
  3. Let us explain how our process works.
  4. Let us handle the entire project from end to end, so you can focus on your work.
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Hitesh Patel is an engineer turned business owner of WPG Consulting. He is a techie enthusiast who believes in finding creative IT solutions to solve consumer problems.

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