WPG Consulting Feature Descriptions


Includes a fully managed cloud-based Voice Calling PBX business phone system with 1 DID, unlimited calling in the US and Canada, directory listing, voicemail, customized call flow, 24/7 support, and many other standard features.

  • Abbreviated Dialing
  • Ad-hoc (8-way) Conferencing
  • Anonymous Call Rejection
  • Call Block
  • Call Forward
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Call Forward to Voice Mail
  • Call Duration Display
  • Call Logs
  • Call Restrictions
  • Caller ID
  • Caller ID Block
  • Caller ID Name Delivery
  • Caller ID Name Storage (CNAM)
  • Call Waiting with Caller ID
  • Date/Time Display
  • Direct Inward Dialing (DID)
  • Directed Call Pickup
  • Directories
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Hold
  • Intercom
  • Last Number Redial
  • Message Waiting Indicator
  • Multi-Channel Park
  • Multiple Station Appearances/Bridged Line Appearances
  • Music-on-Hold
  • Streaming Music on hold
  • Mute
  • Non-DID Numbers
  • On-Hook Dialing
  • Ringer Selection & Volume Control
  • Selective Call Block List
  • Parking
  • Speed Dial
  • Time-of-Day Call Routing
  • Voice Mail Notification
  • Voice Mail to Email
  • 900/976 Blocking
  • Find Me Follow Me
  • Group Pickup
  • Voice Mail Distribution Lists


Essential License

This license is used for unnamed users such as conference rooms, paging devices, public phones, door entry systems, loud ringers, and flashers. No features are provided other than a dial tone and an internal extension.

Enterprise License

This plan offers essential features such as DID, unlimited local and long-distance calling in the US and Canada, and 911 services. It includes Microsoft Teams licensing (not including a one-time setup fee per Microsoft organization), a personal conference bridge, and mobile and desktop apps: personal eFax and unlimited SMS/MMS service.

Shared License

Vertical-focused license for shared environments, such as retail and restaurant environments. Includes all basic features and a shared phone number per location.

Available Upgrades:

  • Call Recording
  • CRM Integration
  • eFax
  • Proactive Support
  • Mobile/Desktop License with SMS
  • Microsoft Teams License with SMS
  • Personal Conference Bridge


Auto Attendant

Includes 1 DID and a menu system for inbound callers. Menus can include uploaded media prompts or audio recorded over the phone. A single auto attendant can consist of unlimited branches/options. Basic functionality includes routing calls based on key presses to users, devices, hunt groups, time of day routing, caller ID and name prepend/postpend, ring timeouts, ringback music, and the ability to route callers offnet to 10-digit phone numbers not on the system.

Enhanced Auto Attendant

Add text messaging capability, custom database integrations, text-to-speech, and custom call flow integrations to your Auto Attendant.

eFax Basic

1 DID with inbound and outbound eFax capability via email. Supports only PDF files and does not include cover pages or the ability to send an outbound fax without a PDF attachment. Standard resolution is used. Web portal or WPG Consulting Mobile access for saved faxes is available. Includes unlimited pages. Fax delivery is best effort.

Fax over ATA

Requires the purchase or rental of a certified Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) device to connect to your existing fax machine. Each device supports up to 2 analog lines, which must be purchased separately. Includes a DID (new or ported in). Faxes are sent and received using the T.38 protocol and are considered ‘best effort’ with no guarantee of delivery or receipt.

Call Recording

Calls can be recorded on a per-account or per-device basis and stored on Amazon S3 (either Provider’s or Customer’s account) or our own private owned and operated infrastructure within Iron Mountain datacenter locations. We will maintain recordings for up to 180 days. Recordings are accessible in the Administrative Portal and can be individually downloaded or played online.

Hosted Streaming Music on Hold

Your on-hold analog music device is hosted in our secure data centers along with a custom Shoutcast server to add your streaming music as an on-hold source for your locations. An unlimited number of locations can utilize this source. Fees are for colocation and bandwidth per location.

Call Center Pro

Pricing is per queue and per agent, in addition to the standard required licensing for each device.

  • Create queues and set up call center environments directly in the app
  • View a member’s assigned queues, status in each queue, call information for each queue, and other agents assigned to queues
  • Get a comprehensive overview of all call center members, including their current status, role, assigned queues, and
  • Create customized skills and utilize skill tagging to easily assign skills to members in one click
  • Ensure call quality through the built-in barge and whisper capabilities Queues Overview
  • Queue Name, Status, and Extension View Queue Performance
  • Longest Wait Calls in Queue Abandoned
  • Agents Ready, Busy, and Away Call Handling
  • Sort by All Queues, Active, or Paused Pause All Queues
  • Create New Queue
  • Edit Status: Ready, Mark as Away (Reason Optional), or End Session
  • Search for a Queue
  • Queue Details
  • Queue Name, Status, Extension
  • Mark Queue as Active or Pause Queue View Queue Metrics
  • Longest Wait Calls in Queue Abandoned Calls Agents Ready Agents Busy Agents Away Missed Calls Handled Calls
  • Edit Queue Settings Delete Queue
  • Calls in Queue
  • View Member Name, Role, Status, Call Handling, Session Duration, Time Marked as Away, Skills Manage Members
  • Search for Member
  • View Queue Activity Logs
  • Search by Event, Agent, or Phone Number Filter Queue Activity
  • Download or Print Queue Details
  • Create New Queue
  • Name New Queue and Assign Extension Confi ure Queue
  • Call Limit Queue Timeout
  • Display Agents to others/Agents Zero (0) out to call flow
  • Timeout Immediately if Empty Record all Calls in Queue Escalation Queue
  • Escalation Callflow after Timeout Call Routing
  • Most Idle
  • Least Offers Made Least Calls Handled Round Robin
  • Skill Based (Strict) Skill Based (Loose)
  • Hold Treatment
  • Announce Position Announce Wait Time Pause
  • Play Media File Agent Connection
  • Agent Connection Timeout Force Away on Rejected/Missed
  • Allow Recovery Time
  • Allow Recovery Time Extension Allow Multiple Extensions Assign Members to Queue Performance
  • Select Agent Select Queue
  • Select Duration/Session
  • Add Row to compare agent’s performance within queues or compare multiple agents
  • Call Handling Metrics by Agent
  • Total Calls
  • Missed Calls
  • Handled Calls
  • Activity Breakdown by Agent
  • Total Session Activity
  • Time Marked as AwaY
  • Time Marked as Ready
  • Time In Call
  • Time In Recovery
  • Download or Print Activity
  • Call Center Members (Agents)
  • View Call Center Member Details
  • Member Name
  • Session Duration
  • Number of Assigned Queues
  • Names of Assigned Queues Skills
  • Enable/Disable Call Recording by Member
  • Search for Member
  • Manage Members
  • Add or Remove Call Center Members
  • Configure Queue
  • Manage Skills
  • Add/Remove Skills
  • View Members and their Assigned Skills
  • Search for Member
  • Skill Tag Editor
  • View All Skill Tags
  • Create a New Skill Tag

WPG Consulting Analytics

Pricing is per USER and per AGENT ADD-ON, in addition to the standard required licensing for each device.

Essential Users

  • Internal and External call Traffic Tracking
  • Call Information
  • Cradle to Grave Call tracking 
  • Access to UConnect Desktop
  • Essential User Add-ons
  • Real-Time User
  • Real-time Call Modeling
  • Required for all users on the communications platform when using the Real-time Supervisor/Wallboard 
  • Real-Time Call Data
  • Real-Time Status data
  • Agent User Add-on
  • Agent Status & Availability
  • Required for any users where agent status information needs to be analyzed
  • Can be partially applied
  • ACD Tracking
  • Time Duty
  • Wrap-Up
  • CRM User Add-On
  • Access to use UConnect Embedded
  • UConnect EMbedded Client for Salesforce Lightning

POTS in a BOX (PIAB) Service

POTS in a Box is an analog replacement service designed for voice and data lines and delivered using hardware from DataRemote or Ooma AirDial. The service is certified to work with voice, fax, modems, credit card machines, utility meters, alarm systems, fire panels, elevators, and other lifeline services.


The device requires A/C power and is generally wall-mounted. Primary internet must be connected to your local network, and the device will use the internal cellular card for backup service. You must have a network drop available to provide internet service and proper cabling from the device’s installation location to the attached devices (phones, alarm panels, etc). 

PIAB Pricing

Customers may purchase or rent the necessary hardware for the solution. Initial programming and activation fees apply, onsite installation and a site survey to determine proper placement and wiring needs. 

Monthly service (per line) includes unlimited calls in the US and Canada. Additional fees will be charged for excess (over 250MB monthly) cellular data usage at $25 per additional 1 GB. Cellular is initially configured as a backup, which uses minimal cellular service.

WPG Consulting Teams Integration License

All standard features of WPG Consulting licensing are included. End-user licensing for Teams is included with Enterprise or higher licensing. Teams licensing can be added to other licenses. Features include the native dial pad within Teams, DND, call forwarding, Office365 directories, and contacts.

One-Time Office365 Integration

Approximately 1 hour. Requires the customer’s Microsoft Administrator to work with WPG Consulting engineering to enable the integration, map users and phone numbers, and train on the WPG Consulting Teams Integration portal.

Monthly Service 

Requires a Microsoft Phone System license (included with E5) and a WPG Consulting Teams License (included with Enterprise)


  • Is this Direct Routing or Operator Connect? 
  • WPG Consulting uses Direct Routing on the back end to connect the customer’s Microsoft tenant to our cloud PBX, which provides all the call routing features and functionality. 
  • Teams is considered a soft phone.
  • Do we have to use Teams exclusively? 
  • No. Some users can use Teams; the WPG Consulting Mobile app can be used, as well as desktop phones (standard or Teams-enabled phones), desktop apps, etc.
  • Do we need to manage functionality in the Microsoft console? 
  • No – all functionality is managed within the standard WPG Consulting portals and is managed by WPG Consulting as part of the service. 
  • How do we add and remove users? 
  • Open a ticket with WPG Consulting support to add or remove users. You can change names yourself via the self-service portals.
  • What phones are available specifically for Teams? 
  • Please click here to see the phones we recommend.
  • Can we purchase only Direct Routing from WPG Consulting and manage functionality ourselves via the Microsoft portal? 
  • No, we do not offer a bare-bones telco service.
  • What licensing is required for this? 
  • It requires Microsoft Phone system licensing, which is sold separately, or an E5 license.

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