WPG Consulting Voice Support Agreement (SLA)


  1. Obtaining Technical Support

We can be contacted for support via the following options:

  • Support Websitehttps://service.wpgconsult.com/
    The WPG Consulting website contains a wide range of information pertaining to installation, configuration, usage and maintenance of your phones. Customers are highly encouraged to see if their technical support issues are addressed online.
  • Email Support (help@wpgc.io)
    Logging a support “ticket” via email is the best way to contact Technical Support.
    Available 24/7/365.

  • Chat Supporthttps://service.wpgconsult.com
    Live Chat is available during normal business hours (7 days a week, 9am – 6 pm CDT)

  • Telephone+1(646) 868-9800
    Telephone and email (ticket) support is available 24/7/365 for technical issues that affect system availability or operation. General administrative support (feature assistance, moves, adds, changes, training/education, number porting, etc) is available during our normal business office hours of operations (7 days a week, 8am – 6pm EDT).
  1. Severity and Response Time Targets

All issues are assigned a severity upon receipt. Response times are based on severity and impact to your location. If you believe we have incorrectly assigned the severity, please contact the help desk. WPG Consulting targets the response times below to begin working these issues:

  1. LOW – 1 Business Day
    Non-service impacting issues are assigned the severity of LOW and will be addressed within 1 business day. The issues include changes to call routing, configuration changes, assistance with features, help with web portals, new site orders, disconnect orders, new LNP orders. Many of these requests can be handled using our self-service portals.

  2. DEGRADED – 4 Hours
    Issues that affect some phones at a location, but service is still functioning using other phones at that location. This includes equipment failure, relocated handsets, inability to dial certain individual phone numbers, features not working correctly (Park, transfer, conference, web portal, voicemail). Customer’s local area network is ISP issues are excluded.

  3. CRITICAL – 0.5 to 1 Hour
    Customer’s production voice service is down, causing critical impact to business operations if service is not restored quickly. No workaround is available. Provider and Customer are willing to commit full-time resources around the clock to resolve the situation. Provider agrees to target a 15 minute response time but in no event will the response time exceed 1 hour to acknowledge the issue and commit resources. Examples: main phone number not routing properly/ringing, LNP issues (some callers cannot dial site), all phones at multiple sites cannot register (excluding local area network or ISP-related issues), unable to dial outbound, Provider’s hosted platform issues or outages within the control of Provider.
  1. Scope of Service

The following services are generally included as part of the SA. WPG Consulting Support is provided on a reasonable basis via telephone, electronic mail, or web-based utilities only. Provider will employee commercially reasonable efforts to provide responses as quickly as feasible, but Customer understands and agrees that Provider assures no guaranteed resolution time.

3.1 System Installation and Set-up

  1. Customer Self-Installation: Phones purchased from Provider will ship pre-configured, activated and tested with an install guide either printed or available via PDF. It is the Customer’s responsibility to install the equipment and prepare the location for optimal VoIP service. You can also browse the support website at https://service.wpgconsult.com

  2. Remote Assisted Installation: For an additional fee, remote installation support is available by appointment during business office hours of operations (Monday-Friday, 8am – 7pm CDT) with a WPG Consulting technician.

  3. Onsite Installation: Onsite “Smart Hands” installation is available for purchase from our professional services group. Our installers can mount phones on walls, unbox, connect to existing network equipment and test phones onsite. 2 hour minimums apply. We do not provide low voltage cabling services.

3.2 System Configuration Services (Onboarding)

  1. Self Service: Customer can utilize our SmartPBX portal to configure users, devices, ring groups, call flows, time of day settings and other initial setup using guides located on our support site.

  2. Full Service Onboarding: For a fee, WPG Consulting technicians will configure all aspects of your system for all new locations, based on design provided to us in the initial onboarding phase.

3.3 Training

  1. A phone guide and customized wall placards may be provided to Customer at no charge.

  2. Training sessions are not included in our standard activation fees. Training sessions are available for purchase and can be provided as individual training calls (15 minutes) to store managers or a webinar for up to 25 participants. Onsite training at HQ is available at a day rate plus travel and reasonable expenses.

  3. WPG Consulting’s support website provides self-service training materials for all supported handsets and standard functionality and may include text, images and video clips. We encourage you to share this resource with your managers.

3.4 System Configuration Service
WPG Consulting provides the following services as part of our non-recurring activation fees for Enterprise customers only (greater than 30 locations):

  1. Project Management services, including deployment planning and coordination.

  2. Configuration of IP phones, purchased features and system interoperability for certified devices purchased or rented from WPG Consulting.

    1. Development of custom templates to include speed dials, button layout, time/date display and other standard features of the certified devices.

    2. Configuration of auto attendants with instructions for how to record your greetings and prompts. You may provide MP3 files for us to upload.

  3. Development of customized scripts for bulk provision of new service locations

  4. Remote assistance with conversion of certified phones not purchased from Provider (additional fees apply).


3.5 Ongoing Support Packages

All customers receive our Standard support package for free. Customers may upgrade to Proactive Support by ordering the service. The following is included with all levels of support:

  • Support for the maintenance of system and phone dial plan configuration, including free moves and changes.

  • IP phone firmware upgrades may be performed by WPG Consulting remotely when, in the opinion of WPG Consulting Technical Support, it is appropriate to solve basic interoperability problems or provide new features.

  • Remote re-configuration of phones (when possible) to address basic function concerns, including button layouts, speed dials, remote phonebooks and other features of the handsets.

  • Troubleshooting and support for the use of features included in the Service

  • Each phone’s SIP registration is monitored 24/7/365.

  • Real-time device registration status is located at our portal located at http:/admin.WPG.us
  • Support Features:




Live Monitor Web Portal



Phone Support



Email & Chat Support



Equipment Replacement



Training/How To



Phone Configuration



Network Design Review






Auto Generated Tickets from Offline Alerts



Time of day monitoring, by location



Remote phone reboots by our help desk



Call out to sites in response to down phones



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