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Require Assistance in IT Infrastructure?

Are you facing a lot of operational costs for your network and infrastructure?
Wondering how to best maintain and manage your Wifi and infrastructure needs?
Want a professional network cabling provider for setting up a new office or workspace?

Let’s talk about your needs. WPG is the single destination for all of your business’ network & structured cabling needs.

Whether you’re opening up a new office, a new branch, or a new wing, or you’re looking to solve your current network and cabling problems, we’re here to help!

Our team of experts will analyze and assess your current infrastructure and develop a detailed custom plan for your business.

The WPG team will help you implement a cabling system that streamlines your daily operations.
We say this from our years of experience, network cabling is in fact very low maintenance if done correctly. So take time to prioritize your network infrastructure for a seamless work experience.

Our Network Cabling, Infrastructure, and Wifi Services

Up-to-code Installation

We ensure all our processes are up-to-code and safety-approved. Many cable installation companies disregard code entirely when it comes to creating a new network. We will enhance your business networking capabilities and will guide you in each and every aspect of cabling.

Expert Network Cabling Advice

Confused about selecting CAT5E or CAT6 cabling? Or you don’t know if you need new network cabling, or you need some maintenance? No Worries – we will help you make the right choice for your workspace.

Professional Network Cabling Services

For your cabling system to work hassle-free and at full efficiency, it is crucial the network cabling be installed and integrated by professionals.

Customized Solutions

At WPG, we know that trying to adopt a “one size fits all” solution only results in the client’s wasted capital, inefficiencies, and a weaker IT system. That is why we tailor-make each solution as per your unique business model and your requirements.

Why Choose WPG as Your Network and Infrastructure Partner?

  • Provide a fair & detailed quote
  • Device selection and procurement
  • Setting up the entire network infrastructure
  • Cyber security services that include network security and device security
  • Develop a set of solutions that will meet all your current and future system requirements
  • Provide accurate test results to show that the system meets the category standards.

Want Professionals To Set up Your Network Infrastructure Services?

Let’s talk about your requirements. We have a team of experienced IT engineers who will help you with set up and installation.

What Customer Are Saying About WPG

 Mr. Steven C Howell
Mr. Steven C Howell CEO & President ComplyFirst
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WPG is the best at what they do. We have gained flexibility, consistency, and speed since partnering with WPG. With their top-notch services, I am no longer worried about system downtimes. All our systems are running smoothly and properly without any crashes.
Sharon Taylor
Sharon Taylor CCIO Healthcare Administrative Partners
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WPG has helped us migrate and maintain our systems to their network within months. The WPG team has expertise in all facets of technology and they have a superior skillset. Great working with the team.
Luis C. Lewis
Luis C. LewisUtah, US
Read More
I would like to take this moment to acknowledge your polite tenaciousness. You have become my go-to team whenever we face IT challenge. It doesn't matter if it is a small or big critical IT problem, you've gone beyond the call all the time.
Nicholas M. Campbell
Nicholas M. CampbellBristol,US
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One of the things I like best about your company, is that there is "no box" when it comes to solving problems. WPG has a more diverse way of looking at things and finding creative ways to address our needs.
Juan L. Gregory
Juan L. GregoryGreenville,US
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Very late in the day, I received a request from our director to obtain a quote for managed cloud hosting and security. We needed them by noon the next day. But WPG was able to get those to us first thing in the morning.
Leticia P. Rumph
Leticia P. RumphClinton,US
Read More
WPG helped us migrate our entire data to new servers without any interruptions in our business. They have expertise in all facets of technology. They are personable, fast to respond, and their skillset is diverse and superior. The WPG team is great to work with!


How Partnering with WPG Benefits You

Controlled IT

With WPG, you can scale your IT costs according to your requirements and only pay for what you need. We are committed to providing cost-efficient services where you get all your money’s worth.

Experienced IT Advisors

Leveraging our experience in the IT field, we will enhance the way you work. We hold regular meetings to be on top of any errors that occur. We will ensure your business functions smoothly.

Economy of

As your business grows, your IT structure needs to grow too. With the WPG team, you can scale your systems horizontally and vertically to meet your continuously changing IT needs.


Digitizing your business processes help you simplify and streamline your work. With WPG’s expertise, you can get a custom solution that is tailor-made to increase your efficiency.

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FAQs About Dedicated Network Cabling, Infrastructure and Wi-Fi Service Provider Services

WPG offers a range of network cabling and infrastructure services. We offer network assessment services, infrastructure planning services, network cabling and installation services, infrastructure design services, and network infrastructure management services. Startups, SMBs and enterprises alike require a good network and IT infrastructure to function smoothly. Contact us today to assess and optimize your network infrastructure.
Network infrastructure is a mix of hardware and software that work together to keep your IT infrastructure running smoothly. Your network infrastructure includes hardware devices like PCs, routers, switches and modems, software such as sales software, employee database, customer portals, and more, and network protocols.
Your network is one of the most important parts of your business. It is responsible for maintaining high performance, scale with your business growth and prevent security threats. Without a good network infrastructure, your systems will start lagging and your employees will be constantly facing system crashes, and other IT issues. You need a professional network infrastructure company to assess your network needs and design a well-optimized network for you. WPG is here to help you meet your network cabling and infrastructure needs.


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