Artificial Intelligence (AI)

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Simply put, artificial intelligence or “AI” refers to computer software and systems that can think and act like humans do. It’s about creating machines that can use reasoning, context, patterns, speech, vision and more to help get things done without needing a person to program every little detail.

For example,

Have you ever used a smart assistant like Siri or Alexa? Those tools use AI to understand your voice commands and respond intelligently without a human typing out the answers.
Or when Facebook identifies your face in photos and suggests tagging your friends, it takes some pretty sophisticated AI technology to make that possible!
An MSP could employ AI algorithms to monitor client IT infrastructure. By analyzing system logs and performance data, they can proactively identify and troubleshoot problems before outages occur.

In business, AI can:

– Look through gigantic amounts of data to detect risks
– Make predictions and recommendations
– Suggest ways a company could be more efficient
– An IT managed services provider might use AI to review network activity and alerts for thousands of client devices, identifying problems faster than any human ever could.

The key is that by mimicking human-based decision making and logic, AI enables computers to handle complex situations that used to require people.

– Though it’s an advanced concept, it already helps us in little ways every day.
– And as the technology keeps advancing, AI will likely transform how we work across nearly every industry and role in the future.

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