AI in 2024: 30+ Crucial Statistics and Trends You Should Know

Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities like machine learning, natural language processing and robotic process automation are reinventing enterprise IT. As the stats below demonstrate, AI adoption is exploding across helpdesks, IT service management (ITSM) tools and IT operations to drive dramatic improvements in efficiency, costs and reliability.

Let’s explore the 30+ mind-blowing AI statistics that underscore its expansion within the IT sphere in 2024 and beyond.

Rapid Growth in AI Adoption

growth report of AI Adoption


  1. Almost 70% of IT teams now utilize AI in 2024 compared to just 25% in 2020.
  2. The global AI software market has ballooned from $93.6 billion in 2021 to $200 billion in 2024.
  3. AI spending grew over 50% yearly since 2020.
  4. 78% of IT leaders confirm AI is a strategic priority for boosting team productivity.

The Mainstreaming of AI Helpdesks

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  1. Over 50% of large companies have incorporated AI chatbots for level-1 user support by 2024 compared to less than 10% in 2020.
  2. AI tools now assist human helpdesk agents in solving almost 30% of all IT tickets.
  3. AI-based self-service tools can resolve common IT issues like password resets and software installations with over 90% accuracy today.
  4. 24×7 availability of AI chatbots has led to 50% faster resolution of low complexity tickets.
  5. AI chatbots contain operating costs by eliminating human efforts for repetitive queries.

The Rise of AI-Powered ITSM

  1. The ITSM AI market is expected to leap from just $2.5 billion in 2023 to over $11 billion by 2026.
  2. Top use cases include intelligent ticket routing and assignment, knowledge-powered incident management and next best action recommendations.
  3. Embedding AI into ITSM suites will boost IT team productivity by 30% according to Gartner.
  4. AI-driven automation in ITSM platforms is predicted to lower costs by 15% for large global enterprises by 2025.
  5. AI features like predictive analytics will be instrumental for 60% of ITSM software buying decisions by 2026.

The AI Ops Revolution

  1. 75% of enterprise IT teams will implement AIOps platforms by the end of 2024 compared to just 15% in 2020.
  2. Top applications include predictive anomaly detection, smarter event correlation and automated root cause analysis.
  3. AIOps has reduced critical production incidents by over 50% within a year of implementation as per 40% of adopters.
  4. 90% of ITOps teams confirm AIOps has significantly reduced alert fatigue by contextualizing and correlating alerts powered by AI.
  5. 63% of infrastructure teams agree AIOps is indispensable for managing surging cloud complexity.

AI Becomes Integral to IT Strategy

  1. By 2025 over 60% of Global 2000 companies will have incorporated multiple AI use cases across IT management stacks.
  2. 58% of CIOs confirm AI will drive the bulk of their team’s productivity improvements over the next 3 years.
  3. 41% of IT executives believe their AI strategy will determine competitive differentiation in their industry.
  4. Companies that fail to incorporate AI within their technology stack risk bleeding talent to forward-thinking competitors.
  5. Successfully harnessing AI’s potential requires strong executive sponsorship, continuous training and cultural alignment.


The flurry of statistics presented above contain an unambiguous verdict – AI-led disruption has engulfed the enterprise IT realm. Forward-thinking organizations are harnessing the power of AI to optimize costs, boost reliability and exceed customer expectations.

While concerns around overautomation exist, pragmatic AI adoption that keeps humans firmly in the loop is the ideal approach. Because as the stats signal, resistance to the AI movement is futile. Instead, the billion dollar opportunity lies in using AI’s untapped potential to redefine IT service experience.

The writing is clearly on the wall – the future will be driven by AI. Will you lead the charge at your company?


Which factors have accelerated AI adoption in IT service delivery?

Surging data volumes, expanding cloud complexity, maturing algorithms and pressing need to optimize IT costs and service quality are key drivers.

Does implementing AI involve risks?

Yes, overautomation and job losses are key risks. Keeping humans in the loop and extensive testing is vital for responsible AI adoption.

What’s the best way to initiate AI implementation?

Start small by identifying repetitive tasks ripe for automation. Quick wins will secure leadership investment for enterprise-wide AI rollout.

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