Is It Time to Ditch the Passwords for More Secure Passkeys?

Passwords are the most used method of authentication, but they are also one of the weakest. Passwords are often easy to guess or steal. Also, many people use the same password across several accounts. This makes them vulnerable to cyber-attacks

The sheer volume of passwords that people need to remember is large. This leads to habits that make it easier for criminals to breach passwords. Such as creating weak passwords and storing passwords in a non-secure way.

61% of all data breaches involve stolen or hacked login credentials. 

In recent years a better solution has emerged – passkeys. Passkeys are more secure than passwords. They also provide a more convenient way of logging into your accounts.

What is Passkey Authentication?

With Passkeys, each login attempt results in a different code being generated. The server then verifies this code. The information about the individual and the device they are logging in with is combined to create this code.

Passkeys can be viewed as a digital credential. An individual can log in to an online service or a cloud-based account using a passkey. The usage of a username and password is not required.

Web Authentication (WebAuthn) is used by this authentication method. This is a fundamental part of the authentication protocol FIDO2. It uses public-key cryptography for user verification rather than a special password.

The authentication key is kept on the user’s device. This might be a laptop, a smartphone, or a security key gadget. The user is then logged in by websites that have passkeys enabled.

Advantages of Using Passkeys Instead of Passwords

More Secure

Passkeys have the benefit of being more secure than passwords. Hacking passkeys is more challenging. This is especially true if the key is generated using both device and biometric data.

Biometric information might consist of fingerprint or facial recognition technology. The MAC address or location of the device are just two examples of device information. Because of this, it is considerably more difficult for hackers to access your accounts.

More Convenient

Passkeys have an additional benefit over passwords in that they are more practical. Users of password authentication frequently need to remember a large number of complex passwords. This can be time-consuming and challenging.

Password forgetting is common, and having to reset them might slow down an employee. It takes, on average, 3 minutes and 46 seconds for someone to reset their password.

Passkeys eliminate this issue by supplying a single code. The same code may be used for all of your accounts. This makes accessing your accounts much simpler. Additionally, it lessens the possibility of losing or forgetting your password.


Scams involving credential phishing are common. Scammers send emails to users claiming there is a problem with their account. They select a link to access a fake login page designed to capture their username and password.

This won’t operate on a user who chooses to authenticate with a passkey instead. It wouldn’t matter even if a hacker obtained the user’s password. To compromise the account, they would require the device passkey authentication.

Are There Any Disadvantages to Using Passkeys?

Passkeys appear to be the authentication technology of the future. However, there are several difficulties you might have if you adopt them at this time.

Passkeys Aren’t Yet Widely Adopted

The lack of widespread use of passkeys is one of the main drawbacks. Cloud services and numerous websites still use passwords. They are not yet passkey capable.

Users might still need to use passwords for some accounts as a result of this. Until passkeys are more generally used, at least. Using passkeys for some accounts while using passwords for others could be a little difficult.

Passkeys Need Extra Hardware & Software

Passwords have the advantage of being free and simple to use. You only invent them as you register for a website.

To produce and confirm the codes, passkeys require additional hardware and software. Initially, this may be expensive for businesses to implement. But enhanced security and user experience could result in cost savings. Passkey costs may be outweighed by these advantages.

Prepare Now for the Future of Authentication

Passkeys are a more practical and safe password substitute. They offer a more practical method of logging into your accounts and are harder to hack. Passkeys are still not frequently used, though. Businesses could also need to allocate money for implementation.

In spite of these difficulties, passkeys offer a viable alternative. to the issue of weak passwords specifically. Potentially, they could enhance cybersecurity. Additionally, it increases productivity for both individuals and enterprises.

Need Help Improving Your Identity & Account Security?

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