Can Your Business Benefit from Google Cloud?

Can Your Business Benefit from Google Cloud_

Can Your Business Benefit from Google Cloud?

With cloud technologies taking the digital world by storm, you have probably wondered whether switching to a service like Google Cloud could truly benefit your business or organization. While the cloud may seem like the latest addition to the technology scene, it has actually been helping businesses streamline operations for more than a decade. To date, 94% of businesses already use cloud services. This astounding percentage begs the question, “Why aren’t you using cloud services yet?” The following information will provide an in-depth look at the various advantages of leveraging the expertise of WPG’s Google experts to digitally transform systems and service delivery onto Google Cloud Platform, an quick overview of pricing and more.

What is Google Cloud?

Simply put, Google Cloud is a public, cloud-based platform that offers customers a vast selection of information technology services such as collaboration tools, backup and disaster recovery, AI-powered operations and much more. Google Cloud’s offerings vary depending on the needs of the user, so that users in entertainment and media have access to industry-specific tools such as video processing services, while telecommunications users can utilize Google Workspace for quick and easy project collaboration. In this way, the team of Google Cloud experts at WPG are able to adapt the solution to satisfy a broad range of customers’ needs.

Versatile Solutions

However, instead of accessing Cloud solutions based on industry, customers can also simply select the services they need on the left side of Google Cloud’s “Industry Solutions” page. With a high level of flexibility and a diverse collection of Cloud services, Google helps companies of all kinds grow, protect their sensitive data and stay connected to their teams throughout remote working situations.


Moreover, Google Cloud services are available in the majority of countries and territories, which means that they are likely already accessible to a large portion of today’s Internet users. Google Cloud services are currently utilized in over 200 countries, spanning 73 zones, and will soon be available in destinations like Toronto, Paris, Milan, Warsaw, Delhi, and Madrid.


When it comes to purchasing Google Cloud products, customers have the option of paying for access to the Google Cloud Platform itself (and only paying for what they use) or paying for services and products on an individual basis. For example, if a company wanted to purchase Media Translation services, Google Cloud offers the first 60 minutes free, with a fee of $.068/minute or $.084/minute after the first hour, depending on whether the customer has chosen the Standard or Enhanced service model. When you partner with WPG,  Consulting, you can be confident that our consultants will help ensure that you have the right package in place – within your budget – to create a unique solution that delivers successful business outcomes with demonstrable success for the unique needs of your business outcomes.

Free Trial Option

Companies can request a free quote to estimate the cost of the services needed, or start a free Google Cloud trial, which offers customers $300 in credits and more than 20 free Cloud products. Google emphasizes that customers will only pay for the services that they use with a pay-as-you-go pricing structure, no up-front fees and no termination charges.

Make the Leap to Cloud Services With Our WPG Experts

With nearly a decade of experience offering customers top-notch I.T. and Cloud Computing services, WPG Consulting can help you ease the transition into cloud services. Our friendly and highly-trained team will answer any questions you have about switching to cloud services and make sure that you’re staying secure throughout the process. To learn more about our high-quality services, fill out our quick contact form or give us a call at (646) 868-9800 today.

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