What Is A Cloud Communication Platform? Why Do You Need It?

Cloud Communication Platforms

In the last blog we discussed in detail about Cloud Communications and how can it benefit us. But then also we need to talk about one more important factor which would make this topic complete.

Do you think that you need to use Cloud Communications but are confused about which platform you should use it?

If your answer to that question is ‘yes’. Then we have some good news for you.

In this article, we are going to talk about the different kinds of Cloud Communications platforms and how you can use them to your benefit.

But before we begin, let us do a quick recap about what is Cloud Communications.

What Is Cloud Communications?

Cloud communications is a kind of communication that bypasses the traditional PSTN and uses internet connections. Every message you send, every conversation you have, and every video conference you hold, operate on a cloud-hosted technology when you use a cloud communications strategy.

This implies that your communication strategy will have more chances for improved scalability and variety because there won’t be any hardware to set up or actual lines to put in your building.

What Is A Cloud Communication Platform?

A Cloud Communication Platform can help you and your team to gain access to several functionalities like voice and video calls, instant messaging, document sharing, conference calling, collaboration, and more. As a result, your business gets access to the perfect amount of computer power or storage power.

One major advantage for your IT team is that they are free from managing upgrades, and provides an additional layer of security to protect your network from online hackers and malware. Other benefits include scalability, office and worker location flexibility, and access to the latest tools, updates, and technology that keeps your business ahead of the curve.

Your team automatically gets the update of any upcoming new feature on this platform. Also, the platform can be easily scaled up and down, which helps your business to reduce costs and scale up quickly.

Benefits Of Using Cloud Communication Platforms For Different Industries

1. Education Industry

Benefits of cloud communications platform for the education industry are-

Create Enhanced E-learning opportunities

Cloud Communications helped the school teachers to launch screen sharing, whiteboarding, and even video conferencing very easily when Covid-19 hit the classrooms. As a result, without facing any disruption, the students can effortlessly connect with their own devices.

Address Emergencies Quickly And Efficiently

With the help of Cloud Communications, teachers can easily call 911 during the time of emergencies. It would pinpoint exactly where the call is coming from. They can also integrate the classroom phones, with their mobile devices to create a safer environment for students. So in case, an emergency happens, then the students can quickly reach out to the teacher without searching for their phone numbers.

User Friendly Administrative Platform

Instead of phone hardware and intercoms, cloud communication platforms help IT, professionals, to manage the platforms for all schools, in a school district from a single portal. Also, it becomes easier for teachers to adjust their phone numbers if they move into a new classroom.

Cost-Efficient Communication

The Cloud Communication system is very cost-effective. There is no need for schools to buy expensive hardware, only to see them becoming outdated within a few years. Instead, they can save money by consolidating the number of apps.

2. The Healthcare Industry

Benefits of cloud communications platform for the healthcare industry are-

Use Of Remote Monitoring Technologies

With the help of Remote Monitoring Technologies, doctors can keep their eyes on distant patients. Cloud service providers rent their services and minimize several factors like Heavy Servers, Electrical Consumption, etc. to attain a smooth effective vision.

Helps in updating factors that need bulk data transmission

Factors like electronic Nursing Records, Testing Gadget Records, Patient Medical Information, etc. require bulk data transmission in Petabytes. Data from own devices are contributed by third-party institutions like Service Providers, Ambulance Operators, Insurers, etc. As a result, the doctors can directly access the final patient records, which are generated online.

Top Three Features To Look For in A Cloud Communication Platform

Marketplace Services

The components of platform services allow you to manage, report on, and deploy the platform to your team. It features online interfaces that let you connect services, create and manage profiles, and provide your security staff the ability to configure things.

Several platform services might be

  • You may assemble databases, keep track of analytics, and produce reports using data services.
  • Services provided by the carrier that let you access phone numbers, text messages, and 911 emergency services.
  • Quick resolution of management and help desk issues is made possible by user experience services, which also enable your support staff to monitor KPIs.
  • Your IT team may use service integration services to combine single sign-on, automation services, and other tools that make life simpler for your team and maintain compliance for your security team.

Product Communications

Your team will interface with the Cloud Communications Platform’s offerings through its communication services. A variety of connection channels are available from cloud communication platforms, including:

You may instantly dial and connect from your PC or mobile phone using UC voice apps.
You may video conference, screen share, and communicate with your team using cloud meeting services.
Campaigns, automated messages, and two-way conversations are all made possible by business text messaging.

Basic Services:

A Cloud Communications Platform’s primary services include carrier-grade quality, scalability, sophisticated security, and cloud nativeness. The cloud’s reliability, security, and stability are essential components of a cloud communications platform. Geo-diverse redundancy from carrier-grade services helps safeguard your uptime and minimize downtime.

Your company may cut expenses while increasing productivity thanks to a Cloud Communications Platform’s fundamental features and capabilities. Additionally, your company will gain from drastically simplified operations and management that are unmatched by on-premise systems.


needed, with regular updates and without the need to buy and maintain an on-premise infrastructure.
With the help of this platform, you can easily communicate with the other party without facing any problems at all.

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