Check Out the Coolest Tech from CES 2023  

Each year, a gathering of innovators from around the world takes place. They introduce cutting-edge technologies and demonstrate them. It takes place at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which is customarily held in the United States in January.

More than 3,200 exhibitors from 173 nations showcased the future this year. giving us a preview of what might appear in our kitchens, living rooms, or offices at home. Both absurd and really practical innovations are featured in the episode. All aimed at expanding the boundaries of technology use.

It’s always fascinating to see the new technology that CES exhibits since people adore their devices. According to estimates, 14.2% of households worldwide will have smart homes in 2022. It is anticipated to more than quadruple to 28.8% by 2027.

What new gadgets did innovators introduce at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show? Here’s a rundown of some standouts that you may want to check out.

Loona – Intelligent Petbot

Do you adore the idea of owning a pet but despise the mess? You are unable to have one due to where you reside. Your best option might be Loona. This smart device is marketed by its creator as “the most intelligent petbot.” Through a Kickstarter campaign, funds is now being raised for it.

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Image from Loona’s Kickstarter page

The adorable tiny robotic “pet” can say hello to you. Additionally, it can follow you as you move around, sneeze, scratch, and do a lot more things. Like a dog or cat, Loona looks into strange items. Unlike other dogs, this one can dance, beatbox, and pose for photos. 

Ring Car Cam

Another consumer IoT product shown at CES is already available for purchase on The popular doorbell cam idea goes with you on the road with the Ring Car Cam.

This tiny video camera with internet access includes two front-facing cameras. It can take pictures while driving and while traveling. It has two-way communication so you may communicate to people back home. Real-time motion warnings and motion detection are also included.

AtmosGear Electronic Skates

Soon, you can put on a set of electric inline skates if you’re feeling bold. The skates were unveiled by AtmosGear at CES. It anticipates starting to ship them in May 2023.

The skates have a top speed of 25 km/h (15.5 mph) and take roughly an hour to fully charge. In reality, the “skate” is a motorized frame that can be attached to “all roller boots.”

Tilt Five Augmented Reality Glasses

This could be your chance to use augmented reality (AR) outside of a video game. An AR glasses system that connects to a computer device was introduced by Tilt Five. Both board games and video games can use it.

Are you ready to give your tabletop play some holographic life? The glasses and a board game are part of the system. The glasses resemble sturdy safety glasses in certain ways. Both work together to integrate an AR component into the real world.

Image is from Tilt Five

Jabra Enhance™ Plus

For those who have hearing loss, this earbud and hearing aid set might be quite beneficial. The Jabra Enhance Plus earbuds have three functions. They can be used for phone calls, music listening, and hearing improvement.

They are discreet thanks to their modest size, and they are made to be simple to use. Modern technology is used in them to deliver improved audio clarity.

Hasbro Selfie Series Figures

Have you ever secretly wished you could have your very own action figure? Hasbro’s new Selfie Series has you covered. You can upload a photo using the camera on your phone and select from a variety of franchise-based figures.

Make a figure of yourself from these universes:

  • G.I. Joe
  • Ghostbusters
  • Power Rangers
  • Marvel
  • Star Wars

Use your smartphone and Habro’s app to customize your new digitized figure. Then all you have to do is buy it and wait for it to arrive.

Twinkly Squares

Twinkly Squares are the adult version of the Lite-Bright toy. You may install panels of colorful, automatic lights to any wall using the squares. They’re excellent for adding a splash of color to any room or for a home office.

You can also program and control these IoT devices because they are IoT devices. Use their speech feature, sync them with music, or create digital art.

Xebec Tri-Screen 2

Do you wished your laptop had a larger screen? Use of a second monitor that is higher than your laptop screen may feel uneven. The Tri-Screen 2 from Xebec might be the solution.

Image from Xebec site

This gadget enables you to expand your laptop screen on both sides. It sits behind the screen and expands the screen space both left and right.

Don’t Introduce Smart Tech Into Your Home without Security

New electronic gadgets and home tech can be great. They can also expose your network to security risks. Get help from a pro.

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