Immediate Actions to Take if Your Netflix Account is Hacked

One of the most well-known and well-liked streaming services is Netflix. Nearly 231 million people worldwide subscribe to it. It has been expanding consistently for about ten years.

The site has integrated seamlessly into many people’s everyday routines for amusement. They turn on their gadgets, log in, and resume watching their preferred programs.

Unfortunately, Netflix accounts can be hacked, just like any other internet service. When a service is merely secured by a username and password, there is an inherent risk.

A hack into your account can be startling, perplexing, and frustrating. It’s possible that you won’t know exactly what to do and will just respond. Being in this state can lead you to make decisions that will only make the situation worse.

We’ll outline the procedures to follow in this article if you believe your Netflix account has been hacked. Let’s first discuss the basic tactics used by hackers to carry out account takeovers.

How Does a Netflix Hack Typically Work?

In these kinds of breaches, hackers prey on an issue with phishing overload. People frequently receive bogus emails impersonating well-known companies like Netflix. One typical phishing trick is an email that claims, “There has been suspicious activity on your account.” It will have a link to the brand’s typical login page on a fake website where users can log in. This is a tried-and-true scam to get your login information.

On the black web, hacked Netflix accounts commonly sell for $12 each. 

Because they receive so many of these emails, people grow desensitized to them. Because they are aware that clicking on them can be risky, people tend to ignore them. This is exploited by hackers, who hope you’ll disregard the genuine Netflix notifications alerting you to a strange login (theirs!).

They remain quiet and don’t do anything to lock you out just yet. They wait for you to receive a few more of these emails before they know you won’t pay them any attention. Then they make a takeover effort.

Accounts hacks can go in various ways. Here is one typical scenario of a Netflix hack:

  • The account owner gets an email about a suspicious login. Often it will be from a different country.
  • They may log into their Netflix account to see if there are any unknown devices logged in. Usually, none will show yet. The hacker logs back out. The goal is to get you to check and see that nothing is wrong, and assume the real notice is phishing.
  • This same scenario may happen 2-4 more times in the span of a month.
  • Once the hacker feels the user is ignoring the Netflix warnings, they’ll make their move.
  • They add their credit card to your account. This is so they can call Netflix and give them a method of verification.
  • They may increase your subscription plan to a higher level.

They also usually replace any user profile names on your account with numbers (1, 2, 3, etc.)

  • At this point, the account owner will typically receive an email. It will note a change in account information. This could be the account email, password, phone number, etc.
  • The hacker is now trying to lock the account owner out of their account.

What Do You Do If Someone Has Hacked Your Netflix Account?

1. Go to the Netflix site & try to log in.

Directly from your browser, go to the Netflix website if you think your account has been compromised. Never click on a link that was sent to you via email, DM, or SMS.

Check to see if your password allows you to log in. If you caught the hacker before they locked you out, you might be able to. If not, move on to Step 4 below, where you will call Netflix support.

2. If you can log in, change your password immediately.

If you can access your account, immediately change the password. Make sure the password is strong and at least 10–12 characters long. Additionally, it must have a mix of letters, numbers, and symbols.

Useless password variations should not be used. No portion of your previous password should be used when creating the new one.

3. If you can log in, remove any strange payment methods

Visit the payment methods section if you can still log in to your account and change your settings. Hackers will frequently add another credit card to your account. They use it to provide Netflix support with account verification.

Any weird payment method that is not yours should be removed. However, you will want a different method to confirm your Netflix account if you delete your own credit card. So before you do that, you might want to call at this point.

4. Call Netflix support. (Don’t skip this step)

The experiences of each person could vary. Some people who have experienced hacks have appreciated Netflix for their quick response times and helpfulness.

Regardless of whether you were able to log in or not, get in touch with Netflix assistance. You might be unaware of some actions taken by the hacker. The details of the subscription may have changed.

Inform the support agent that you believe your account has been hacked. They will guide you through the procedure for reversing the hacker’s changes.

5. Watch your bank statements.

Keep an eye out for any odd charges on your bank statements. After any account hack, you ought to take this action.

6. Change the password for other accounts that used the same one as your Netflix account.

People frequently use the same password—or one that is very similar—for numerous accounts. Be sure to modify the password for any accounts that accessed the recently hacked one.

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