Turning Key Staff Turnover into a Success

Turning Key Staff Turnover into a Success

Turning Key Staff Turnover into a Success

When key staff leave your business, are you ready to go on without them? With an estimated 19% of all employees leaving companies every year, retaining talent can be a complicated process, especially when these employees are critical members of your staff that have been in place for years and may not have left documentation on what happens in their department daily. With between 60 and 70% of all employees leaving voluntarily, is it any wonder that companies with low turnover rates have up to four times higher profits?

https://wpgc.io/creating-disaster-recovery-plan/This was a situation that one of WPG Consulting’s clients faced. Within a short period, their large legal services client, which had several hundred attorneys on staff, faced two senior members of their IT department leave within a concise time period. Because both IT professionals had been with the firm for over 15 years, a lot of what they were doing was not documented, and the chaos that this caused made it difficult for the firm to respond to the changeover. Here’s a look at how WPG helped the client not only recover from this blow but turn the change of staff into a win.

When the two IT professionals left the firm in rapid succession, they had a collective experience of 30 years operating its IT infrastructure. Unfortunately, because they left no reliable documentation behind, it was difficult for the firm to understand why different aspects of their digital elements had been set up and maintained in the fashion they had been. The remaining professionals within the IT group were unable to provide any solid depth to the answers they provided to the asked questions. This made it very difficult for any incoming IT vendor or professional to quickly settle into the infrastructure and develop a solid overview of the system to transition new staff into the position.

When faced with this dilemma, the firm reached out to WPG Consulting to help solve the problem. Invited in by the firm’s CTO, WPG provided consulting while creating a viable, long-lasting solution to prevent the situation from cropping up again in the future. By starting with a thorough assessment of the network, WPG made detailed documentation of its network, digital security, and VoIP infrastructure. Once this documentation was in place, we conducted several workshops including critical technical and business stakeholders across the organization to ensure we had a solid grasp of the firm’s operations, dependence on mission-critical apps, and how they used server and storage environments located on the premises, in the cloud and similar vendor integrations.

After this process had been completed, WPG developed a solid strategy to upgrade the firm’s aging infrastructure that would work within the budget reviewed and approved by the firm. We developed a bill of materials and provided professional services solutions, including replacing the Core Switch pair and all server, storage, and security devices that were approaching or past the manufacturer’s support dates. Our solutions were seamlessly implemented to boost performance, provided mission-critical component redundancy, and enabled reliable, consistent backups with best-in-class products.

Is it any surprise that WPG was awarded multi-year, ongoing, and proactive monitoring and management of the firm’s environment, providing daily support to the client as needed and allowing the firm to focus on its business strategy? If you’re ready for tangible results like these, WPG can help. Reach out today to get started.

Hitesh Patel
Hitesh Patel
Hitesh Patel is an engineer turned business owner of WPG Consulting. He is a techie enthusiast who believes in finding creative IT solutions to solve consumer problems.

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