10 Must-Follow Tech Subreddits for 2023

Reddit has become a go-to platform for technology discussions online with the rise of specialized tech subreddits. These niche communities allow tech enthusiasts to get the latest news, discuss innovations, ask for help, and connect with like-minded people.

This article shares the 10 best tech subreddits that you should definitely follow in 2023. These subreddits cover topics like:

  • General technology news and emerging tech
  • Gadgets, devices and consumer tech
  • Programming, web development and cybersecurity
  • Artificial Intelligence and machine learning
  • Managed IT services for businesses

Following these topically focused tech subreddits will keep you updated on the ever-evolving technology landscape this year. You’ll get breaking news, insights from experts, answers to tech problems, career advice, and pulse of the industry. Read on for the list!

Here are the Top 10 Tech Subreddits You Should Follow in 2023:


r/Technology is the premier subreddit for broad technology-related discussions with over 15 million members. It shares and analyses the latest technology news stories, innovations, and industry developments.

Topics span everything from AI, net neutrality, cybersecurity, emerging gadgets, privacy issues, and IT policy debates. The sheer breadth and speed of reports keeps you constantly updated from this subreddit.

It also features AMAs from notable tech personalities and spotlights exciting startups. If you want a single feed for staying current on all things tech, this is it.


With over 586K users, r/Tech focuses more on consumer technology and gadgets compared to broader industry news. Discussions center around personal electronics, smartphones, apps, gaming devices, laptops, smart home technology, VR, drones, 3D printing, and more.

You can get advice, recommendations, tips, and help for buying, using, configuring or troubleshooting modern devices and gear. Reviews and experiences on new product announcements help make informed decisions before a purchase.

For tech enthusiasts who like keeping up with gadgets and understanding consumer tech, this subreddit is invaluable. It will improve your proficiency with everyday devices.


True to its name, r/TechNews is all about sharing the latest technology news stories, product announcements, company updates, and trends. It provides a timely feed of tech reporting that you may miss otherwise.

While less of a discussion forum, it serves as a useful news aggregator if you don’t want opinion or analysis on events but just the facts. Articles get pooled from diverse mainstream media outlets and niche publications alike giving good breadth.

Sifting through tech news yourself can be time consuming. This subreddit pushes out major headlines and developments to stay effortlessly updated. It also uncovers unique reports beyond just rehashed wire stories.


For those excited about consumer electronics and devices, r/Gadgets should be on your radar with close to 22M users. The subreddit showcases all kinds of new or emerging gadgets and tech products for work or fun.

Topics range from drones, robots, virtual reality gear, electric vehicles, smart home appliances, wearables, 3D printers, unusual inventions and more. You’ll get your fix for bleeding edge gadgets and tech with an enthusiast slant.

Discussions analyze the capabilities, value, and limitations of devices. Reviews by early adopters help decide if a gadget is worth getting. Expect lots of visual demos and unboxing videos too in this vibrant community.


With over 1.9M subscribers, r/TechSupport is the go-to subreddit for getting answers to all your technology questions. It provides crowdsourced technical support across software, hardware, networking, security, and internet services.

Having an obscure PC configuration issue? Can’t fix a printer problem? Unsure about a virus alert? Ask fellow redditors who have likely dealt with similar trouble. You can get solutions faster and for free instead of scouring help sites.

Just make sure to read the guidelines before posting for the first time. Remember to share sufficient system details and error descriptions when requesting assistance. The collective knowledge here helps fix annoyances stopping you from being productive.


For advice on programming languages, frameworks, techniques, and career guidance, join r/coding with over 550K users. It brings together programmers from diverse backgrounds to exchange tips.

Discussions go into coding fundamentals like algorithms and data structures. But also newer concerns like AI application development, coding bootcamp experiences, remote work, and growth as a software engineer.

Threads debate languages and frameworks – Python vs Java, React vs Angular etc. You can request feedback on your code and troubleshoot errors. Insights from experienced coders will sharpen your skills.

Staying current even as languages and tools evolve is tough. This subreddit keeps you updated on what’s new and recommended practices to code efficiently.


The r/webdev subreddit focuses on front-end development with over 1.7M users. It covers evolving technologies like JavaScript frameworks, CSS, canvas, interfaces, accessibility, site performance, REST APIs, headless CMSs, and more.

You can showcase projects for feedback, discover handy libraries and generators, ask UX questions, troubleshoot deployment issues, or find answers to code problems. Discussions analyze shifting web development trends and news like the rise of mobile-first indexing.

It provides an active community to exchange web development knowledge. Insights from professional web developers will help you brush up skills or break into the field. Overall, a great resource for building modern websites and web apps.


With cyberattacks on the rise, r/cybersecurity is an invaluable resource for individual awareness and organizational security. The 557K member community discusses latest threats along with defense strategies.

Conversations range from ransomware tactics, privacy tools, security certifications, penetration testing, ethical hacking, and insider risks. You also learn security tips for smartphones, Macs, Windows, and Linux. For hands-on skills, check the CTF challenges.

While 101 discussions are welcomed, deeper debates assume a technical grasp. Either way, the insights will give you the edge against cybercrime. At organizational levels, you can hear how security pros defend real-world systems.

Overall, an eye-opening look at the state of cyber crime and digital defense from frontline practitioners.


r/Artificial aims to democratize and discuss artificial intelligence. The community shares the latest AI research, applications, trends, and news in an accessible way with over 429K users.

Conversations dive into innovations like generative AI, neural networks, computer vision, NLP, autonomous vehicles, algorithm bias, simulation theory, robotics, singularity predictions and more. But also practical guidance on getting started with AI.

While conceptual at times, discussions avoid highly theoretical expert debates. If intrigued by AI but find academic conferences inaccessible, this forum provides an easier learning curve.

Members include everyone from students tinkering with basic ML to professional researchers. If AI will shape the future, r/Artificial will help you understand how.


r/msp is a must for managed IT service providers and professionals supporting SMBs. With over 155K users, it discusses trends, business best practices, service offerings, and news relevant to MSPs.

You gain insights into maximizing efficiency, security, automation, and profitability for managed IT services firms. Discussions cover prospecting, service bundles, technical stack, pricing models, emerging offerings like cybersecurity and cloud management, and more.

As an entrepreneur, you can seek guidance on the MSP startup process. Experienced providers share tactics that fuel growth. For professionals, it provides community and career development opportunities.

Overall, an illuminating look at the managed services domain to build stronger technical teams, services, and security for SMB customers.


Staying updated as technology evolves is challenging. But these top 10 subreddits make it easy by crowdsourcing insights from professionals, hobbyists and communities passionate about technology. Follow them this year for an informative and engaging 2023!

Hitesh Patel
Hitesh Patel
Hitesh Patel is an engineer turned business owner of WPG Consulting. He is a techie enthusiast who believes in finding creative IT solutions to solve consumer problems.

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