10 Best Cloud Communication Platforms To Use in 2023

best cloud communication platforms in 2022

Cloud communication platforms are becoming a necessity for businesses. In the era of remote and hybrid working, cloud communication is the perfect way to communicate and collaborate with large teams.

But which cloud platform to use? Which is the easiest to use? Which is more affordable?

To help you choose, we have curated the 10 top cloud communication platforms that businesses are using in 2023.

Top Ten Cloud Communication Platforms To Use For Your Business


One of the most adaptable cloud communications systems available Twilio gives businesses several options for integrating their communication stack. Through “programmable communications,” Twilio provides VoIP, SMS, and video conferencing as well as other forms of communication.

In essence, this makes it possible for companies to access API options for integrating chat, audio, and video into their services.

Due to the Twilio ecosystem’s versatility, businesses may simply use all the communication tools they require to boost collaboration and customer service without having to completely replace their current infrastructure.


Plivo helps businesses create cutting-edge communication systems, much as Twilio and many other top suppliers of the communications platform. Companies may use the Plivo platform as a base to create synchronized, straightforward, and customized communications via APIs.

Plivo has great usability and a variety of practical solutions aimed at facilitating communication. As per reviews, this is one of the top cloud communication platform providers in terms of customer satisfaction.

Plivo offers consultancy services to assist you in setting up your communication platform, and although complicated, the offered apps are easy to use by design.


Vonage is a leading player in the cloud communications market and a pioneer in the CPaaS (Communication Platforms as a Service) and UCaaS (Unified Communication as a Service) industries.

Global communications are made possible by the Vonage Business Communications environment through SMS, phone, messaging, social media, video, and more. Additionally, Vonage guarantees a remarkable 99.999% uptime and more than 50 different business phone services.

Vonage provides exceptional flexibility for expanding businesses, giving them access to a wide range of mobility and collaboration solutions that are ideal for the future of hybrid work.

The VBC environment is supported in more than 40 nations and has access to more than 96 international numbers for inbound dialing.


Telnyx is a unique creative communications firm using a programmatic strategy for business expansion. The platform assists businesses in constructing extensive communication systems using APIs.

Telnyx is renowned for its outstanding user-friendliness and high levels of client satisfaction.

From basic SMS messaging and phone APIs to a direct link to popular tools like WhatsApp, Telnyx’s APIs are available to power your cloud communications platform. To add voice features to your existing app structure, you may also use elastic SIP Trunking and verification tools.


Intermedia promises businesses a comprehensive all-in-one cloud communications platform. The cloud communications system integrates contact center technologies, video, chat, phone, file sharing, and email into one user-friendly setting.

Teams working in a remote environment don’t have to waste as much time switching between apps thanks to Intermedia’s comprehensive approach to unified communications and contact center technologies in one place.

Even established industry leaders like Exchange email, Microsoft Teams, and the Microsoft 365 productivity tool ecosystems are smoothly integrated with Intermedia technology.


Infobip offers over 650 direct worldwide telco connections across 6 distinct continents. It is one of the most connected cloud communications systems for contemporary businesses.

Infobip is the top option for easily scaling client communications and is appropriate for both companies and developers.

It is a full-stack communications platform allowing you to plan and coordinate engagement initiatives. Additionally, with programmable APIs, you can include any channel into your business procedures.

Infobip combines a worldwide presence and reaches with tools for limitless, individually tailored client communications and teamwork. For teams in need, there is even access to 24/7 assistance.


ThinQ by Commio is a user-friendly cloud communications solution, promising excellent management and redundancy planning for your communication stacks.

The platform offers excellent pricing, access to more than 40 top-notch carriers, and an inexhaustible supply of fantastic APIs for customizing communications strategies. The robust SaaS platform can expand to meet your demands while providing excellent call and message quality anywhere.

Text messaging, toll-free calling, comprehensive phone numbers with international number possibilities, and call routing technologies are all supported by ThinQ. Access to database management solutions can also be unlocked.


Voximplant is a versatile and simple-to-customize communication tool that prioritizes excellent voice. You have access to a variety of SDKs and APIs for video, phone, messaging, SIP trunking, and natural language processing inside the platform.

Your cloud environment can quickly add communication APIs, with lots of room for future growth.

Access to practical programmable messaging and video calling is also provided via the unified platform for PSTN, SIP, and WebRTC calling and conferencing. You may reach the market quicker with a completely serverless architecture as XML exchanges are not necessary.


Companies can integrate audio, video, chat, messaging, and collaboration into any service, app, or business process with the Kandy cloud communications platform.

Support for CPaaS (Communications Platform as a Service), with APIs, market access, and WebRTC, is offered by Kandy. A complete set of UCaaS tools is also available.

Kandy is particularly exceptional in that it provides “Wrappers,” which let businesses enhance consumer interaction experiences through simple-to-use applications. For all sorts of businesses, Kandy’s top-notch customer support and straightforward technology are perfect.


The Whispir platform helps organizations to enhance their communications tactics and provide people with more pertinent, valuable material at the right moment.

With templates for email, social media, the web, and other forms of communication, Whispir concentrates on message technology. Additionally, there are vast protocols for automating many facets of the digital environment.

With Whispir, businesses may also have access to contact management solutions to enhance the way they track client connections and mine data through comprehensive, cutting-edge reports for insightful information. Making wise company judgments is made simpler the more thorough your reports are.


Cloud communication provides advanced computing resources available on demand. Here are the 10 best cloud communications platforms that you can use in your business.

Get enhanced security, increased productivity, and ease of use with these cloud platforms. Ensure the usage of the best platforms so that your employees can work efficiently and productively.

Contact WPG for expert guidance on the best platforms and cloud services to use for your organization.

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