Modernizing Academic Institutions With Google Cloud for Education

Modernizing Academic Institutions With Google Cloud for Education

Modernizing Academic Institutions With Google Cloud for Education

Educational institutions face the challenge of adapting to advancing technology while finding what works best for their unique needs. Ultimately, an institution’s online infrastructure should innovate security and resources, provide opportunities for collaboration and support students in their endeavors. Google Cloud offers solutions that revolutionize education in classrooms, administration and research. The following benefits of Google Cloud’s capabilities make it an attractive option for institutions who want to modernize and expand their technological horizons.


With nearly everything migrating online, cybersecurity remains crucial to any infrastructure. Cloud Security Command Center provides reliable security and risk management for Google Cloud users. This protects student and educator privacy, ensures the confident use of shareable devices like Chromebooks and stops potential threats. With Google’s scalable, secure-by-design infrastructure, you can easily detect anomalies, investigate activity, and help prevent threats. It also offers dependable IT for data backups and information recovery. This level of security gives reassurance so you can pursue your goals.

Necessary Flexibility

Not every institution shares the same needs, which makes Google Cloud the perfect, scalable infrastructure to meet unique requirements. If you’re looking to manage the demands of remote learning, you can find online labs and courses through Google Cloud. These virtual environments let educators offer distance learning without disruptions. Other institutions may want to establish consistency across the board, from students and faculty to administrators. Products like G Suite, Google Docs and Google Calendar provide an ideal, organized and secure way of keeping everyone connected. You can even create your own applications through Google Cloud to address students’ queries and concerns in a timely, efficient manner.

Encouraging Collaboration

Technology like Google Cloud offers students, educators and researchers the opportunity to collaborate in unprecedented ways. With tools like collaborative analysis and student developer groups, people can find peer-to-peer learning and connect across institutions. Secure and shareable devices like Chromebook allow you to work together on creative projects. The ability to connect with fellow faculty and researchers expands the possibilities for new discoveries, solutions and partners in learning.

Progressing Research

Research continues to accelerate, and researchers can keep up through Google Cloud’s comprehensive data support and analysis tools. Scalable storage matches the demands of various projects at a reduced cost while the Cloud’s data management handles immense amounts of data and fast-tracks data analysis. Advanced analytics, machine learning services and application programming interfaces (APIs) all contribute to researchers discovering groundbreaking insights into their respective fields. Google Cloud also allows for easy and secure data sharing, encouraging diverse collaborations.

Google Cloud for Education helps you manage the current challenges and demands of the present while giving you a glimpse into the future of education. To learn how cloud-based computing can serve your institution, consult with the IT professionals at WPG Consulting. WPG Consulting has deep expertise providing a wide range of IT services to many schools in the Tri-State region and are confident we will create the right solution to solve your business problems with simple and secure technology.

With clear communication and creative solutions, the WPG Consulting team aims to exceed expectations. Contact WPG through this online form or call 646-868-9800 to discover the technology that’s right for you.

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