Network Firewall Protection Services in NYC

Network Firewall Services In NYC

Dependable Network Firewall Protection Services in NYC

The threat landscape keeps evolving, and it’s not enough for your company to just implement the standard network security solutions. You also need to adopt security solutions and policies that constantly stay ahead of security threats as your network and business needs evolve. WPG Consulting offers dependable network firewall protection services in NYC to keep your business secured from all manner of threats.

Our proven security solutions help defend against the ever-changing and pervasive network threats. As communication and collaboration become more mobile, internet-based network connectivity creates numerous network security risks and operational challenges. This raises the need to block increasingly sophisticated malware, mitigate confidential data loss, and ensure regulatory compliance.

Network Firewall Services In NYC

Why Get Network Firewall Protection Services in NYC

The primary function of a firewall is to stop junk from infiltrating your network. The Internet is typically a double-edged sword; it’s a viable source of limitless information but can also open doors to a myriad of problems. Network firewall protection services in NYC can help limit or prevent spyware, viruses, and malware from infecting your business computers. You can also manage how employees spend their time on the Internet.

Additionally, network firewall protection services in NYC allow you to control the kinds of information passing across your network, how that information is utilized, and who has access to it. WPG Consulting’s unified approach to network firewall protection encompasses initial assessment, business network security services, and best-of-breed products. This ensures that the right protection is in place around the clock. We also offer professional security consulting services to businesses throughout NYC.

How Network Firewalls Work

A network firewall is a security appliance used to mitigate or stop unauthorized access to a private network linked to the Internet. The only traffic permitted on your network is defined through network firewall policies whilst any other traffic attempting to access your network is blocked. Typically, your network firewall sits at the front line of your network and acts as a communications liaison between your internal and external devices.

WPG Consulting can configure your network firewall so that any data entering or leaving your network must pass through it. Our network firewalls accomplish this by examining all incoming information and rejecting those that don’t meet the predefined security criteria. Ultimately, our network firewall protection services in NYC allow users to access all the resources they need while at the same time keeping out unwanted viruses, worms, users, hackers, or other malicious programs attempting to access your protected network.

Besides, Network Firewall Protection Services in NYC allows you to block out any websites you deem distracting to your employees’ productivity. Additionally, you can set up VPN connections between different locations and allow your employees to share network data and resources securely across the Internet. We may also deploy adjustable load balancing to help you better manage the available bandwidth offered by your internet suppliers.

Software vs. Hardware Firewalls

Firewalls can be either software or hardware. Besides limiting access to your protected computers and networks, a firewall can log all traffic entering and leaving your network. It also manages remote access to private networks through secure authentication logins and certificates.

Hardware firewalls are released either as standalone appliances for corporate use or as a built-in component of a network router or other networking devices. These firewalls are considered a critical part of any traditional network configuration and security system. Hardware firewalls often come with at least four network ports that enable connection to multiple systems. However, bigger networks usually require a more comprehensive network firewall solution.

On the other hand, software firewalls are installed on a computing device or provided by the operating system (OS) or network device manufacturer. Typically, you can customize your software firewall but with less control over protection features and functions. A software firewall often protects a system from regular control and access attempts but struggles with more sophisticated network breaches.

Firewall Types

WPG Consulting offers different types of network firewall protection services in NYC. Depending on your specific business needs, we may provide one or more combinations of the following network firewall solutions:

1: Application-layer Firewalls

This type of firewall is a hardware appliance, server plugin, or software filter. It layers security mechanisms over defined applications and defines rules for HTTP connections. The security rules are built for every application to help pinpoint and block attacks on your network.

2: Packet Filtering Firewalls

This traffic filter examines every packet going through your network and accepts or denies it based on your preset rules.

3: Circuit-level Firewalls

A circuit-level firewall applies a variety of security mechanisms once a TCP or UDP connection is established. Once the connection is made, the system exchanges packets directly between hosts without additional oversight or filtering.

4: Proxy Server Firewalls

This network firewall version will check all information entering or leaving your network and then hides your real network addresses from external inspection.

5: Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFW)

Network firewall protection services in NYC may also incorporate a next-generation firewall (NGFW). It works by filtering traffic going through your network based on the type of application or traffic and its assigned ports. The features comprise a mix of a standard firewall with extra functionality to ensure a more self-sufficient network inspection.

6: Stateful Firewalls

This third-generation firewall technology accomplishes traffic classification based on destination ports. It tracks traffic packets and interactions among internal connections. These newer network firewall technologies improve usability and help expand access control granularity, measuring even a packet’s history in the state table.

Get Reliable Network Firewall Protection Services in NYC

Without the right firewall, your company’s network may become accessible to unauthorized users and devices. Any computer network connected to the Internet is potentially at risk for an attack. For full-spectrum security, WPG Consulting offers network firewall protection services in NYC to secure your organization’s network. We also help businesses establish clear computer security plans and policies on external networks and data storage.

In today’s cloud era, we design network firewalls to do more than secure your network. Our network firewalls can also help ensure that your business has uninterrupted network availability and reliable access to cloud-hosted applications. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced network security specialists.

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